Chi siamo

T-shirt made in Sicily!


Island Original®️ was born in 2013, inspired by the colors of Sicily.
The Mediterranean atmospheres materialize this concept giving life to the iconic t-shirts.
Simple style but with a strong character, they immediately enter the heart of people.


The creative universe of Island Original®️ brand is characterized by the characteristic references of Sicily.
The stylistic identity is manifested through the choice of high quality materials and refined aesthetic solutions, enhanced by coordinated details and accessories.
The originality defined in the DNA of each Island Original®️ product. Each of our creations has a unique identity, like the personality of the wearer.


Our mission coincides with absolute excellence in the creation and production of clothing.
This objective is achieved through a constant search for the highest levels in terms of product, attention to service, technological innovation and conservation of ancient experiences,
to achieve the highest quality and the most complete satisfaction of our customer and final consumer.


Island Original®️ manufactures are present on our design by highly qualified and experienced personnel, with checks carried out at every stage of creation.
Possible imperfections are to be considered as a quality guarantee of the singularity and craftsmanship of the garment. The products are made following strict quality standards. Each model is a unique model.
The control of the supply chain derives from the experience of Italian manufacturing that carefully follows the creation in every process.

Island Original®️ products are certified made in Italy.