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Because it is safe to buy on www.islandoriginal.it
By purchasing on www.islandoriginal.it, your data is absolutely safe: all information provided is used pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, exclusively to complete the order, payment and shipping. Our protection program protects you at every stage of the purchase process. We have thought of everything, from anti-fraud monitoring 24 hours a day to advanced cryptography systems. We always put your safety first

Payment methods accepted on www.islandoriginal.it
During the purchase process you can choose from the following payment methods:


* The accepted credit cards are Visa, Visa Electron (therefore also the Postepay card), Maestro, Mastercard and American Express.

We use PayPal which allows payments to be made by credit card or prepaid card to all users who are not yet in possession of an account. All in a safe and super-simple way. To pay with PayPal it is sufficient to select, at the time of the order, the "Credit Card" payment method and you are redirected to a page on the PayPal site, select the item Create a PayPal account and pay with your credit card or prepaid (or do you have a PayPal account?).
Then fill out the form that is proposed to you, entering in it the data of the credit / prepaid card with which you want to execute the payment, your personal information and the combination of email address-password to use to access PayPal, and click on the accept button and continue (or continue) to complete the transaction and create your account. You can also pay without creating a PayPal account. Just don't expand and don't fill in the field save your data on PayPal which is at the bottom of the form.

Online payment system that provides for the opening of a PayPal account. By choosing this mode, after clicking "send order", you are redirected to a page on the PayPal site, where you can enter your e-mail and account password and complete the payment. Remember that the transaction takes place on a secure server and that all information entered is protected according to the strictest security standards.

The data for the execution of the transfer are sent upon confirmation of the order: the order will be released only when the beneficiary's bank will make the payment in our favor. Banking practice requires that the transfer be credited to the beneficiary's current account based on the timing of the various banking institutions.

Request an invoice for an order
For every order placed on www.islandoriginal.it, a regular invoice is issued addressed to the person or company indicated in the order phase. The invoice document is sent together with the purchased items. Remember to keep it with care because it is the only proof of purchase to enforce all warranty clauses.

VAT in IslandOriginal products
All prices on www.islandoriginal.it are to be considered inclusive of 22% VAT.



Are you not fully satisfied with your order? No problem: you have 14 days to request a return and return it via Reso Facile, the service that IslandOriginal offers its customers online to make a return in a few simple steps. Once the request is completed and accepted, the courier will pick up the package directly at your home, for maximum convenience.

Return request procedure
Log in (username / password) to your reserved area
Go to your orders and click RETURN on the order you want to return
Select the product to be returned from the list of purchased items
Tell us the reason for the return

Timing of reimbursement and shipping costs
Once the return request is received, IslandOriginal will confirm to you by e-mail if it has been accepted. In this case you will be reimbursed the cost of the product minus the shipping costs for the return of the same. If the return procedure is successful you will receive an e-mail confirming that the amount due has been repaid. The refund will be returned to you in the same way you chose for the payment (only in case of cash on delivery we will make a transfer). Depending on the credit card company, the actual credit can take up to 30 days. Contact your bank for more information.
Returned from abroad: IslandOriginal informs that the return shipping costs for the returned orders are entirely borne by the buyer.

How to return the product to IslandOriginal
We offer you the convenience of being able to easily request the collection of your product, at home or at an agreed address, by the courier who will have to return it. Furthermore, to make the operation even easier, together with the confirmation of acceptance of the return request you will also receive all the instructions to correctly pack and ship the product.
N.B. IslandOriginal reserves the right to evaluate the conditions of the returned product. They cannot be produced without the original box, without a coupon, used or for which a personalization has been requested.

Size change and product replacement
If you want to replace the product you received with another product or change the size, follow the normal return procedure specifying the reason for the return "change or replacement. We will send you an email containing a discount code corresponding to the value of the product you want to replace. You can immediately use it to buy a new product or the right size.



The shipment of the item takes place within 2/3 working days from receipt of the order or payment (standard times).
However, situations may arise in which the standard times are subject to variations. This is the case of those products that are subject to production due to the variable color or size that the customer can choose or those items that should be kept under escort for replenishment. In such situations, an e-mail communication is sent, which warns of a possible delay; the customer will then decide whether to keep the order valid or cancel it.
IslandOriginal also offers shipments throughout Europe. At the time of checkout, when ordering, the rate will be indicated to the customer based on the area, with a cost range between € 25.00 and € 50.00.

Shipping costs are specified on the order confirmation page and vary according to the items chosen. The cost for a standard shipment (a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, etc.) is € 9.90 including VAT.

No penalty is attributable to IslandOriginal for delivery delays caused by the courier, which could change the standard delivery times also due to the volume of the package (for example the delivery times for a 100kg table football could be different from the delivery times of a pair of 1 kg shoes, even if the destination and the courier are the same).
In case of particular deadlines such as birthdays, parties etc., please report the urgency of delivery to the email web@islandoriginal.it. Even in these situations, IslandOriginal cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the courier.

Products are shipped via Bartolini couriers (BRT). Once the shipment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the courier informing you of the shipment and the approximate day of delivery. If at the time of delivery no one is present, the courier will leave a paper notice and attempt delivery the next working day. In any case, the customer can contact the courier directly via the respective site for the new delivery: www.brt.it or by clicking here: http://www.brt.it/it/assistenza_clienti/filiali.do.
Delivery is made to the street number indicated on the street plan; it is not possible to request delivery to the upper floors. After 4 unsuccessful delivery attempts, the goods will be returned to IslandOriginal. From this moment on, it will be possible to get back the shipment at the full expense of the buyer with an expense that will be recalculated based on the type / weight / volume of the product.
For shipping abroad the cost will be indicated at checkout of the order. The range of costs based on the area varies from € 19.90 to € 50.00.


ATTENTION: upon receipt of the goods, and before signing the bill, it is necessary to verify the integrity of the package. Check that the package has customized IslandOriginal packaging tape. Any anomalies found in the packaging must be highlighted to the courier with the following wording: "ACCEPTED WITH INTERNAL CONTROL RESERVE" (do not add other sentences such as "intact package"). This reserve must be written on the copy that remains to the courier, NOT on that of the recipient. If no reservation is affixed to the bill, there will be NO right to a refund or repair / replacement of the product under warranty as the insurance covering the packages, in the absence of reserve on the bill, is completely ineffective (ie it does not accept claims).